0.8.0 Release Notes

Released 2011-04-07

This release contains a number of new features, at the core new APIs for pluggable authentication and storage. This has allowed us to develop a bunch of new modules for integrating Prosody with third-party systems such as directories and databases.

A detailed review of the new features and documentation can be found in our blog post at http://blog.prosody.im/prosody-0-8-0-released/

A summary of the new features in this release:

  • Support for authentication and storage plugins
  • Auth plugins: plain, hashed, Cyrus, anonymous, LDAP, external, YubiKey
  • An SQL storage plugin supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3
  • Ad-hoc commands support, to control Prosody from your XMPP client
  • Members-only, invite-only and password-protected multi-user conferences
  • A migrator to move data between different data stores (file↔︎SQL)