0.7.0 Release Notes

Released 2010-06-14

One of the most significant changes in Prosody 0.7 is the added support for libevent, meaning Prosody can efficiently handle large numbers of connections using epoll, kqueue, and a range of other mechanisms.

A summary of changes in this new branch:

  • New optional libevent backend
  • mod_proxy65: XEP-0065 SOCKS5 Bytestreams proxy
  • SASL: Support for Cyrus SASL backend (allows LDAP, PAM, …)
  • SASL: Support for SCRAM-SHA-1 mechanism
  • SASL: Forbid insecure PLAIN authentication on unencrypted connections by default
  • Port multiplexing: Allow multiple services on a single port (XMPP, HTTP)
  • MUC: Room destruction, and other features/fixes
  • mod_compression: Support stream compression between servers now, as well as clients
  • SSL: Disable SSLv2 protocol by default as it is insecure
  • PEP: Support for on-demand item retrieval
  • Errors: Show the reason server-to-server connections fail
  • MUC: Add support for non-anonymous rooms
  • mod_bosh: Cross-domain ('proxy-less') request support using CORS.
  • mod_privacy: XEP-0016: Privacy Lists
  • MUC: Show precise error when users are kicked from rooms

Feedback is always welcome, and you can give it or find Prosody support via any of the means listed on http://prosody.im/discuss

Work is already well underway on the 0.8 branch, where we are working on pluggable authentication and storage providers, among other things. To get involved with the development or testing of the next major release, contact us at the link above!