0.6.1 Release Notes

Released 2009-11-25

Prosody 0.6.1 is a re-release of the short-lived 0.6.0, containing a an important fix. Below follows the original 0.6.0 release notes.

This new release branch brings us another range of new features. Thanks to a rather long testing phase a whole range of bugs have also been fixed.

A detailed guide to the new features in this branch can be found on our blog.

  • Console: Commands to add/remove hosts, reload the config and shutdown
  • MUC: Allow multiple sessions of the same JID to use the same nick
  • MUC: Support for persistent rooms
  • MUC: Support for roles, affiliations, config and admin controls
  • mod_compression: zlib compression support for XMPP sessions
  • TLS for s2s connections
  • Per-host SSL/TLS certificates for vhosts
  • New importer for MySQL ejabberd dumps
  • Compatibility with vcard fetching from ejabberd chatrooms

Amusingly the unexpectedly long release cycle of 0.6 means that 0.7 is already not far off, watch this space! :)