This module is part of the suite of modules that implement invite-based account registration for Prosody. The other modules are:

Additional functionality is also available as community modules:

For details and a full overview, start with the mod_invites documentation.


This module allows clients to register an account using an invite (‘preauth’) token generated by mod_invites. It implements the protocol described at and XEP-0401 version 0.3.0.

Note to developers: the XEP-0401 protocol is expected to change in the future, though Prosody will attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with the 0.3.0 protocol for as long as necessary.

This module is also responsible for implementing the optional server-side part of XEP-0379: Pre-Authenticated Roster Subscriptions.

Note to admins: Loading this module will disable registration for users without an invite token by default. Control this behaviour


Name Description Default
registration_invite_only Require an invitation token for all account registration true

Example: Invite-only registration

This setup enables registration only for users that have a valid invite token.

allow_registration = true
registration_invite_only = true

Example: Open registration

This setup allows completely open registration, even without an invite token.

allow_registration = true
registration_invite_only = false