The configuration manager handles parsing the configuration file and provides access to settings. Normally, only other Prosody internals use it directly, modules should use the Module API.

load(filename, config_format)

Loads the configuration file filename. config_format is optional. If left out, the file extension from filename is used. The only supported value is "lua".

get(host, key)

Returns the config option with a name given by key in the VirtualHost or Component section given by host, or the global section if host is "*". If there is no setting for the given host but there is one in the global section, that value is returned.

rawget(host, key)

Works like get() but does not fall back to global settings if asked for a setting on a host where it is missing.


Returns the entire internal config representation in the form of a table.

set(host, key, value)

Writes to the in-memory config table.

Note the distinct lack of a write() method, so changed settings are not persistent.